Indiana Supreme Court By The Numbers:


Former prosecutor

Former public defender

  • 5 total seats
  • 0 current vacancies
  • 1 prosecutor
  • 1 public defender
  • 0 Justices have other indigent defense experience
  • 0 civil rights lawyers

How Members of the Indiana Supreme Court are Selected:

Appointment, Retention Election

Justices are selected by gubernatorial appointment. The governor appoints a justice from a shortlist of three candidates submitted by the Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission, which consists of six voting members from three geographic districts and includes three attorneys (elected by attorneys in their geographic district) and three non-attorneys appointed by the governor. Newly-appointed justices face a retention election during the first general election that takes place after they have served two years. If retained, justices then serve a 10-year term.

Selection method sources:

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