New Jersey

New Jersey Supreme Court By The Numbers:


Former prosecutor

Former civil rights lawyer

Both a former public defender & civil rights lawyer

  • 7 total seats
  • 0 current vacancies
  • 4 prosecutors
  • 1 public defender
  • 1 Justice is both a former public defender & civil rights lawyer
  • 0 Justices have other indigent defense experience
  • 2 civil rights lawyers

How Members of the New Jersey Supreme Court are Selected:

Appointment, Legislative Confirmation

The governor appoints justices, who must then be confirmed by the New Jersey State Senate. The chief justice may appoint a temporary justice to serve until the governor’s nominee is confirmed. When first appointed, justices serve a seven-year term. If they are then re-appointed by the governor and confirmed by the state senate, they serve on the court until the age of 70.

Selection method sources:

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