New York

New York Court of Appeals By The Numbers:


Former prosecutor

Former civil rights lawyer

  • 7 total seats
  • 0 current vacancies
  • 4 prosecutors
  • 0 public defenders
  • 0 Justices have other indigent defense experience
  • 1 civil rights lawyer

How Members of the New York Court of Appeals are Selected:

Appointment, Legislative Confirmation

The governor nominates judges from a list of candidates submitted by a judicial nominating commission, made up of commissioners appointed by the governor, chief justice, and majority and minority leaders of the state assembly. The governor’s nominee must then be confirmed by the New York State Senate to a 14-year term. Judges must be re-nominated by the governor and re-confirmed by the state senate for subequent terms. Judges must retire at the age of 70 (or age 76 if certified as competent every two years after their 70th birthday).

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